JNANA  ज्ञान  “Knowledge” : knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality

PRAMANA  प्रमाण  “Proof” : how correct knowledge can be acquired 

PRAMANA-JNANA is intended to be a resource for anyone wanting insight into particular conditions, emotions, thought patterns, issues and topics that affect our everyday lives; blending New Age spiritual concepts with scientific data, traditional religions and Eastern practises which all interrelate so that anyone seeking will find information and insights they can identify with.

This website will be a constant work-in-progess as I continue to add new content to existing topics; introducing new videos, books, podcasts and other resources that provide more knowledge to the subject, as well as actions and practises they can implement.

My vision is for this to become a collaborative experience; anyone seeking information on a particular topic can reach out, and those who have more information to provide on a new or existing subject can also send it through to be added in.